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Introduction to the company and products

As one of the main manufacturers in hoses & couplings, fittings and accessories areas in China, Fuzhou Hengsheng Hardware Co., Ltd. has more than 10 years of manufacturing and exporting experience for these products.



We concentrate in developing, designing and processing camlock coupling (cam & groove coupling), Guillemin coupling, storz coupling, DIN Standard hose coupling, many kinds of hose clamp (like Tbolt clamp), king combination nipple (KC nipple) and hose mender (also called hose joiner), whipcheck safety cable, washdown gun, etc.

Our products are often used in the mining, oil, agriculture, food, chemistry, and fire protection industries. We carry a whole range of camlock coupling (cam & groove coupling) and some other quick hose couplings. We make efforts to do things better and better step by step, and it makes us a global supplier of superb quality camlock coupling (cam & groove coupling) and quick hose couplings.

As one of our main products – Standard camlock coupling (cam & groove coupling), they are made to A-A-59326, some are made to DIN2828 (German standard) we offer alum, brass, stainless steel 316 and 304, Nylon and Glass reinforced Polypropylene (also some sizes and parts of Ductile iron) material with complete types: A,B,C,D,E,F,DC (Dust Cap) and DP (Dust Plug) . The sizes for aluminium camlock coupling (cam & groove coupling) we supply is from 1/2” to 8”, brass ,SS304 and SS316 is from 1/2” to 6”, then Nylon and PP is from 1/2” to 4”. We also offer reducing camlock coupling, AA, DA, DD. Also Elbow camlock coupling.

Camlock coupling (cam & groove coupling) is known as quick coupling which provides quick connection and disconnection for tanks, pumps, equipments and places where hoses should be changed frequently to achieve a special arm like paint & ink factory. Camlock coupling (cam & groove coupling) is consisted by two parts: one part male adapter and the other part female coupler. The female coupler has two arms for clamping, and there is gasket in it. And male adapter has a groove. We only need insert the male adapter into the female coupler, then press down the two arms and two parts are connected.

Camlock coupling (cam & groove coupling) is usually used with PVC suction hoses, layflat discharge hoses and other low pressure hoses.

There are many advantage of camlock coupling (cam & groove coupling), it is good sealed performance, safe and reliable, no fluid infiltrated phenomenon, it is interchangeable between female coupler and male adapter, free to connect multiple pipelines, simple to assemble and disconnect , and easy to operate.

Our main products :

  • Cam & Groove Coupling( Camlock Coupling )

Standard Cam & Groove Coupling (A-A-59326 or DIN2828)

Reducers and Increasers (AA, DA, DD, etc.)

  • Hoses

PVC Layflat Hoses
Fire hose

  • Guillemin

Standard Guillemin coupling

Helical for Composite Hose ( for Composite )

  • DIN Standard (German standard products)

Tankwagon Coupling

DIN2817 Fittings and Clamp

  • Quick Connect couplings

Chicago Coupling : U.S type & European type

Ground Joint Coupling –  Air & Steam coupling

Sandblast Coupling (Q, NH, SB in different material)

  • Threaded & Unthreaded (Like KC nipple and Hose mender)

King Combination Nipple

Hose Mender

  • Suction & Delivery

Pin-lug Hose Shank (Mainly in Aluminium)

Foot Valve (In ductile iron)

Basket Strainer (Standard and Tin Can)

  • Hose Clamp Systems

T-bolt Superior Clamp (SS and Steel)

Spiral Clamp (Steel)

Worm Drive Clamp (SS and Steel)

Double Bolt Clamp (Malleable iron)

  • Storz Coupling

Aluminum & Brass material

  • Miscellaneous products

Washdown Gun Blue cover

Whipcheck Safery Cable in Steel and stainless steel

Bauer Type Coupling in Steel material

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